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The Iowa National Guard has a proud history dating back to 1838

The Iowa National Guard has a proud history dating back to 1838, and has served this state well. In times of emergency we have all benefited from its services.

Unfortunately, the Guard was also forced to serve our nation poorly in the endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, although these were never wars, they were AUMFs (authorization for use of military force).

As Governor I will not allow Iowa National Guard troops to be deployed overseas unless Congress passes an actual declaration of war. This would have directly saved 95 Iowa lives and allowed thousands of Guardswo/men to continue their Iowa lives without the massive interruption of being sent to an overseas war, when there was no war, only death and destruction.

If they do have to fight a war, I have no doubt our Iowa National Guard will be filled with proud and capable soldiers, leading the charge to save our democracy from foreign invaders. Lives will be lost, but freedom will be won.

I will also not allow the Iowa National Guard to participate in the War on Drugs. The War on Drugs is a war against American citizens, and that is not what Iowa soldiers have volunteered to do.

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