2nd Amendment

I own, I shoot, I carry.
Second Amendment

I own, I shoot, I carry.

Any questions?

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  1. So Rick I also carry own and shoot, but does this mean you have no issue with the firearms laws in place or is there maybe something or a lot of things we can do to keep gun rights for Iowans while also making things safer as a whole? Like I dunno prevent the sale of fire arms from individuals to others, last I checked there is no way for me to check if the person I’m selling to is legal, simple solution to this problem is require all firearms sales to be conducted through a licensed dealer. I mean that’s just one thing off the top of my head

    1. Couple of ideas for reducing firearm deaths. First – legalize suicide. Most gun deaths are suicides, I suspect many of these people would choose to end their lives in a less unpleasant way for the survivors if it were easy to do so, but laws against suicide prevent this. [I may be wrong, but I believe if you tell a medical professional you are feeling suicidal that kicks off an entire bureaucratic process, including forced confinement, so people who are feeling suicidal have a reason not to interact with the medical profession.] Legalizing suicide would also provide a path for people to change their mind, whereas keeping it illegal does not.

      Second – end the Drug War. The Drug War is the original cause of much gun violence in the areas where there is a lot of it (gun violence is very localized across America, check out Wikipedia’s list of US cities by crime rate). End the Drug War and you will eliminate a fair amount of gun violence.

      With respect to not knowing whether someone you are selling a gun to is legally allowed to buy it, I would suggest not selling to them except through a licensed dealer. If they aren’t legal, they won’t get their hands on your gun(s). They may find someone else to buy guns illegally from, but that’s what criminals do – buy guns illegally – and there is no law I can imagine that will put an end to that.

  2. How do you plan to fight against the unconstitutional laws against firearms that are already in place?

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